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Market launch, Marketing
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Marketing Outsourcing
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Company foundation
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Marketing of medical products

žOur competence and our knowledge is focused, especially in Germany and the adjacent countries, on marketing of medical consumption articles, medical technology and surgical instruments. Here we especially care about clients from the field of hospitals, emergency services, medical purchasing companies, retirement homes, doctors, dentists, aid agencies and further medical institutes.ž

Out of Europe, we have marketing platforms in South Africa, Angola, Namibia, as well as cooperation partners in USA and Brazil.žThe success of our clients and principals is our outstanding goal. As a marketing partner of high-qualified manufacturers we offer an actual service portfolio on the market and convince with our team by intensive consulting and the personally customer care.

žWe realize new ways of marketingž

If you want to relaunch your products in Germany, Europe, USA, Africa, Brazil etc. and if you search for effective and convenient ways of marketing, we got the right concept for you:ž

We assume the complete marketing of your products, entrench your health care products, integrate your products into our marketing organization or build up a marketing structure after your special requests.

žTo offer you an assessable cost structure from the beginning, we present you our version of marketing-leasing. With a small leasing-installment you can exploit all advantages of a complete marketing structure, already at the beginning of your products launch.ž

This new system offers unimagined advantages and possibilities especially for companies, manufacturers and traders that want to go to the German and European market.