Markteinführung, Vertrieb
Market launch, Marketing
Vertriebs Outsurcing
Marketing Outsourcing
Niederlassung, Firmengründung
Company foundation
Unser Team
Our Team
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Who are we, what is our competence?

Our team is composed of experts of various nationalities, all our partners have excellent knowledge in the field of economy, medicine and marketing.


Extensive economically and mercantile knowledge, language skills and specific knowledge in the field of medical technology and medical instruments.

Our team, including management, has extensive contacts to economy and politics especially in the USA, Africa, Portugal, South-Africa, Angola, Namibia, Brazil and Pakistan, of course also in the field of the health care sector.

Marketing management:

For the setup of marketing in national and international business, an accomplished economy-, and marketing expert is working for us. This team partner has  30 years of experience in buildup and guidance of marketing organization, especially in the medical sector. An ›appropriate successful concept can be established here without fail.


Furthermore we got partners in several countries that are composed of doctors, health care experts and commercial experts. Our marketing team is trained by an extensive quality assurance concept and supervised constantly from us.

Of course we speak all necessary languages like English, Portuguese and so on.